5.25 Floppy Disk, anyone?

I am at the age where I can just remember life before the internet. My first personal, non-Atari, computer was an 8086 (XT). I would spend evenings formatting 5.25 floppy disks for my dad and his computer business. Formatting these plastic squares was a very important job, according to my dad.  I loved executing commands in DOS. Ever since I fell in love with MS-DOS and Windows 3.0 in the early '90s,  I have have been earning a living helping businesses integrate digital operating principles, philosophies, and practices into their business to help modernize their organization, deepen their competitive advantage, and drive more business results. Keep Reading

Giving Back To The Community

I currently give back as much as I can to the organizations and the people who make Saskatchewan a great place to live and do business. Here are the organizations that I have been involved with in the past year.

Data for Good
Founder, Regina Chapter

Member, Previous PR Director, Previous Board Member

The Progress Club
Member, Board Member, Chair - Gala of Hope, Vice-President

Mother Teresa Middle School
Student Mentor

Some Of My Favorite Recent Reads

The Coming Wave BookTrillion-Dollar-Coach-BookSapiens
Calling BullshitEverybody Writes

Some Of My Favorite Recent Reads

Thinking Fast And Slow  Trillion-Dollar-Book Sapiens Measure What Mattersfd Principles Ray Dalio

Professional Life

I've been making a living in the technology, online, and digital space since 1991. My current role is with Phoenix Group as the Director of Strategic Business Innovation. Phoenix Group is an ad agency located in Regina, Saskatchewan. We are a full-service agency that manages the brand, communications, and marketing for Saskatchewan organizations such as the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Conexus Credit Union, Taylor Automotive Group, various ministries within the Saskatchewan government such as the Ministry of Trade and Export Development, Tourism Saskatchewan, Parks, Culture and Sport, and others.Read Less

I was originally hired by Phoenix Group as the Director of Digital Media Strategy. This role was focused on helping the agency increase our expertise, abilities, and revenue when it came to our digital marketing and technology offering. In this role, I led the digital strategy for all of our clients. By building our digital bench strength up in the agency and by increasing our competency to strategize and execute complex digital campaigns, we were successfully able to acquire new clients and increase our service offering to our current clients. This elevated ability allowed us to build more sophisticated user-journey focused strategies, develop data and analytics-focused campaigns, and implement stronger evaluation frameworks to determine campaign efficacy. While managing the media department, I doubled our team size, formed strategic partnerships with technology companies, and increased top-line revenue for the agency. 

In my current role as Director, Strategic Business Innovation, I continue to help oversee and drive the digital strategy and analytics for some of our major clients, but I now have a focus of providing direction on our business strategy for agency growth. Specifically, that means helping Phoenix increase its revenue by optimizing opportunities with our current clients, developing and integrating new revenue-generating service lines, and taking the leads on new client acquisition.

Some Of The Brands I Have Worked With

Tourism Saskatchewan Global Ag Risk Solutions Calgary Zoo Conexus Credit Union Saskatchewan Roughriders Prairie Credit Union CEPA

Digital Marketing & Social Media Speaker

Having spoken at multiple conferences every year for over a decade, my style of presentation is to deliver real life examples, actionable insights, delivered with humor and data-based stories. I've been hired to speak to executive teams, boards, and at conferences with several hundred attendees. If you are looking for a public speaker to talk about social media and digital marketing, I can help provide your audience with relevant, modern, and tangible advice.

What Others Have Said About Working With Me

Kevin is a top-notch digital strategist with a great knack for explaining digital strategy to everyone from the C-Suite to the intern. He's equally comfortable one-on-one or presenting to a crowd. He has wide-ranging experience from nonprofits to small businesses to international corporations and brands. I particularly valued Kevin's emphasis on results, something we refer to as conversion rate optimization, and the data-driven orientation that comes with that. His reporting, analytics and data visualization skills are superb. Kevin would be a great addition to any marketing team. 

Doug Lacombe, President, Communicatto

I had the opportunity to work closely with Kevin when I was at the Calgary Zoo and he was with Communicatto. Besides joy, humour and a lot of fun, Kevin, brought an acute strategic mind to the variety of projects that we worked on together. He was always thinking bigger and broader, with an immense amount of data to back up his ideas. Kevin was also a great collaborator as he seamlessly brought together the Comms and Marketing teams and helped to develop an integrated cross-functional team. I would certainly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking a thoughtful and creative digital mind and would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Larissa Mark, Communications & Public Relations Strategist, Swoop

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