About Me:

I built my first business focused website in 1995, and took my first corporate job in the internet business in 1997, all before my 18th birthday! I am a data focused business transformation and strategic executive who has worked with enterprise level corporations in the finance, oil and gas, professional sports, ad agency, agriculture, tourism, and retail industries, to name a few. My current role is as the Director of Strategic Business Innovation with Phoenix Group, with a prior role in the agency as the Director, Digital Strategy and Media.

My Current Role:

Director, Strategic Business Innovation with Phoenix Group

A bit more about me and my professional career:

A dynamic leader and strategist who creates high performing teams, collaborative environments, and transformational stakeholder experiences. This includes a career spanning over 20 years of delivering results that drive strategic objectives, catalyzes corporate transformation, and directly impact the bottom line of the organization.

Strategic Skills & Competencies

  • Expert facilitator and translator who is well experienced in collaborating¬†with, and¬†delivering results to all levels of leadership from team member to board member to senior executive.
  • Highly skilled transformational catalyst that delivers change leadership at all levels in an organization and drives results through strategic communications, measurable objectives and key results.
  • Driven by objectives and focused on key results that drive a balance scorecard.¬†
  • Passionate about leadership and mentorship by influencing and creating culture that drive personal improvement, accountability, achievement, team collaboration and overall employee engagement
  • Leverages research and technology that boldly leads the adoption of new tools and innovations that enable processes, increase competitive advantage, drive business objectives, and allow teams to flourish.

Public and Conference Speaker: Digital Marketing & Social Media

Having spoken at multiple conferences every year for over a decade, my style of presentation is to deliver real life examples, actionable insights, delivered with humor and data-based stories. I've been hired to speak to executive teams, boards, and at conferences with several hundred attendees. If you are looking for a public speaker to talk about social media and digital marketing, I can help provide your audience with relevant, modern, and tangible advice.

A sample of the brands that I've worked with and achieved results for:

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