Current Role:

Director, Strategic Business Innovation
with The Phoenix Group

I built my first business focused website in 1995, and took my first corporate job in the internet business in 1997, all before my 18th birthday! I am a data focused digital transformation and marketing executive who has worked with enterprise level corporations in the finance, oil and gas, professional sports, ad agency, agriculture, tourism, and retail industries, to name a few. My current role is as the Director of Strategic Business Innovaiton with The Phoenix Group, with a prior role in the agency as the Director, Digital Strategy and Media.

My wins over the past decade have included helping companies become more digitally savvy by helping them breakdown internal collaboration barriers, helping companies get seperate business units within an organization working better together, and helping companies increase their revenue by connecting customer acquisition and retention strategies to their digital marketing strategies and tactics. More specifically, I have helped companies increase annual revenue in the 8 figure range, helped professional sports teams increase their eCommerce revenue by 25% annually, and have helped travel and tourism brands across Canada increase awareness of thier destination and services.


Digital Marketing

This is more than just running Facebook ads. A corporate digital marketing strategy needs to look at the total ecosystem of the business and figure out how digital can contribute to the brand awareness and customer acquisition and retention strategies. From SEO, to SEM, to marketing automation, to website UX, to blogging, to social media, to conversion rate optimization, your digital marketing strategy has to account for all forms of paid, owned, and earned media and have relevant objectives and key results attached to it.

Digital Transformation

Wanting to increase digital marketing efforts is the start, but getting a company and culture onboard to do this is another challenge all on itself. Education coupled with a change management plan is the key to mitigate resistence and increase the probability of adoption. Inefficiencies surface when a company does not have a champion to help work through the growth of digital throughout an organization. From marketing to communications, to front line staff up to executives, everyone has to be on board with the direction. 

Storytelling & Data

Digital activity has gotten a bad rap, and rightfully so. Through CTR's, website traffic, CPM's, and all the KPI's and metrics that are available to us right now, many organziations are still struggling to see where this all fits into our overall business strategy. This is where strong leadership at an executive level can help fit the role of digital marketing into a businesses overal corporate strategy with meaningful reporting and storytelling of the data behind it. 

A sample of the brands that I've worked with and achieved results for:

Public and Conference Speaker: Digital Marketing & Social Media

Having spoken at multiple conferences every year for over a decade, my style of presentation is to deliver real life examples, actionable insights, delivered with humor and data-based stories. I've been hired to speak to executive teams, boards, and at conferences with several hundred attendees. If you are looking for a public speaker to talk about social media and digital marketing, I can help provide your audience with relevant, modern, and tangible advice.

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